So, you have a Facebook or Instagram page, now what?  Content Marketing is not for the faint of heart!    

Are your pages generating new business?  How often do you have time to post to your pages? Are your pictures sized correctly to catch the eye of your followers or others who see your ads online?  Are you engaging your followers with relevant content and giving those who don't know you a reason to follow?  Have you been able to build the ever-coveted list of your follower's email addresses for your email blasts?   

These are all questions to consider when determining if you have time to devote to using social media marketing to grow your business.  I am equipped to set up your presence on Google+, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Thumbtack based on your needs and budget and put it to use building your brand, product and customer base.  

Don't delay another day, let's get together and talk about how I can help you!  (No commitment necessary to discuss your options)



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